Digital service sector

Actually Adecco, the biggest employment agent worldwide buys the US online recruiting platform Vettery. This platform allows a quick matchmaking between employees and high qualified candidates.
It’s merely a matter of time when the parcel services install a common service company to deliver the parcels to their customers.
Another example are family-run hotels and guesthouses. They stand under a special competition, costs and existence pressure.
1. International hotel groups are modernizing regularly and have the possibility to offer the hotel rooms and the additional services. Additionally they offer an attractive price-performance. Family run hotels have not the possibility to offer the same services because of cost reasons.
2. To get the necessary bed occupancy, hotel mangers offer them in booking portals. This booking portals do not charge only very high commissions, but pose additionally significant demands.
3. Today the complaints book is no longer an issue. Guest´s complaints which could solved inside the hotel, now are published in international booking portals. The hotel operators depend on the well of their guests.
Together with you, we want to offer solutions how you rent your hotel rooms for a good price and simultaneous have a good occupancy rate without being dependent from the booking portals.
One possible solution is the foundation of a cooperative society.