Asset Deals

Apart from the brokerage of companies in the way of succession plan as share deals, we mediate also insolvent enterprises. It is very often possible to buy the assets for a third part of the book value.
In general we offer to you a restructuring service. We are also interested to hold a participation in this business.
We focus on enterprises with a total investment volume between 250k and 2.5M Euros. Why we want specialize in this market segment and who are our clients?
1. Although the insolvency act was passed the 5 of October 1994 and come into force the 1 of January 1999 which replaced the bankruptcy act from 10. February 1877, nothing changed up to now in people´s minds in Germany! Banks are not willingly to fund a restart of an insolvent company, even with a good business plan. Also private investors, clients and especially suppliers are very mistrustful for a new start. Foreign investors on the other side are much more confident and familiar with such a situation. For example in the USA exists chapter 11 or in Great Britain their insolvency act allows much better a restart.
2. Large companies, companies with key-technologies or companies with a high asset value (like Air Berlin) which go into insolvency are taken over for a bargain price. Staff in surplus normally is dismissed by the liquidator, to sell a „sexy company“. The investors are in general international financial investors or competitive companies.
3. Companies with a total investment volume between 250k and 2.5M Euros are attractive investments to restructure them and after two profitable annual accounts, to resell them with a high profit of minimum 150%. Why this? A company after two or better three profitable years, the negative company history in Germany is forgotten.