Our consultancy exists since 2002. We are focused as consulting and staff recruiting firm.
The challenge of the next 10 – 15 years it´s in the digital transformation of the enterprises. This affects industrial enterprises, the service and trading sector. Special the retail trade is affected with the online trading in the B to B and B to C trading.
We want to restructure enterprises in the different branches. Additionally we offer our service as business broker. Especially for foreign entrepreneurs who want to live in Germany, we offer a relocation service.
We recruit professionals and managers with technical and commercial background. Additionally we recruit medical specialists with German registration and nurses. www.medicus-recruiting.com
On behalf of enterprises we are involved in a project, we offer all kind of recruitment services and additional outplacement consultancy.
Our objective is, to found earliest the 1 of October 2018 and latest the 1 of January 2019 an associated company with private equity capital to buy enterprises or participations. This can be insolvent companies with asset deals, or enterprises in a succession plan (share deals).